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Whether you are looking for an internship in Australia or you have already found it, you will find on this website the necessary information for the prepation of your internship or trip in Australia.
We offer here internship offers in Australia, informations regarding the visa to travel to Australia, informations on accommodation and studies in the various Australian cities.

You will also find a list of the various universities in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney but also addresses for taking English courses, plus websites to find accommodation in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adélaïde. offers also tips for your insurance in Australia.

You wish to enjoy your internship in Australia by travelling around the country before or after your internship time? You will find here itinerary ideas and good tips to go out in the city where you are staying.

Nicknamed "The Lucky Country", Australia is:
- A population of 20 million of people spread over 7 713 360 km²,
- 4000km from east to west and 3200km from north to south,
- The smallest continent!
- A very varied climate from a region to another with a center arid and very hot, a north humid and a south similar to the European climate with cold winters and hot summers.
- The capital: Canberra and not Sydney!,
- A time diffrence of +6 hours (between April and October) or +7h (between November and March) on the west coast and between +8h and 10 hours on the east coast.